Hey, hi – Jay here from the J.E.Moores Game Machine. I crank out video games from a dirty little machine I keep in my basement. I make arcade style games, available for Android, iOS, Amazon, and Windows.

Some people paint. Some people sculpt. My art is to make games made of art. I do this odd thing when I look at art. I want to see it move and animate (in a clipped out jerky Terry Gilliam kind of way). I want to create a feeling that we get to fall into a piece of artwork and experience it from the inside. I love making games with weird stuff like Bosch: Garden of Delights, old witchy wood carvings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hindu Gods. I also dig contemporary artists like Michael Remillard and The Super Sucklord who have a large pantheon of characters to make a game with.

Games allow us to play as these characters we love in a familiar landscape and overcome challenges using elements found in the original art work. Game play follows the narrative forward, unlocking levels, new characters, and opening new chapters along the way. Turning art into games gives us the chance to saturate in all the excitement, danger, history, and atmosphere found in the original art work.

Wiggly Loaf is my personal creation. It’s my original comic that started out as a chalkboard doodle and fired up the imagination of summer camp kids from all over the world. I turned it into a physics + platform style game that is different each time you play. You can’t just learn the levels and blast through. The random physics elements create all kinds of hilarious dilemmas for Wiggly Loaf to get through.