About J.E.Moores

Jay E MooresHey, hi – J.E.Moores here! I have two worlds I play in, the real and the virtual. This is how I split them up so I don’t lose my mind:

JEMoores.com – This is where I showcase my virtual items. Things you can see online, download, or read. I am a cartoonist at heart, so I have a lot of stories and characters bouncing around inside my head. I draw comics, write books, record songs, create video shorts, cartoon animations, and design video games to tell those stories.

JEMTOY.com – Sure I’m an internet geek, but I’m really a hands on arts and crafts maker. Not only that, I have taught arts and crafts to kids age 8-15 since 1984, so I’m always elbow deep in Elmer’s glue. I like to craft toys, games, and other items ranging from resin toys to laser cut wood games. I’m into Raspberry Pi and getting geeky, so I like to combine old fashioned crafts with modern Arduino projects. I have a BFA in sculpture, love ceramics for making doll parts, and I’m a proficient metal smith. Why not?

My greatest challenge is that my art is all over the place, so I don’t have a huge audience. I don’t work in only one medium. I like to make video shorts, and I like to craft witchy occult tools… I like to animate cartoons to songs I write and record. I love to explore, create, learn, and I don’t like to do the same thing over and over for too long. I’m always in love with the next idea. That’s what makes life exciting for me. I’m okay with all that, so I carry on and follow my muse.

I have a ton of skills if you need a creativity boost, drop me a line. I love to brainstorm and collaborate. I’m friendly, organized, and I play well with others. See ya, Jay ~

Contact me at: jayemoores @ gmail.com

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