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My mailbox is back

My mailbox is back.After months of picking up our mail at the local post office, I am glad to report that Winter 2015 is coming to an end. My mailbox peeped out of its icy hole yesterday. Spring is here in Maine!




Snotgrass - Kindle CoverHere it is, my crazy book Snotgrass available now as a Paperback or Kindle download. Full of Maine Humor, Bouffant Hairdos and Mythical Beasts.

Click here to read an excerpt from Snotgrass: The Side Hill Gouger

Here’s a video where I read from Snotgrass, chapter 3, The Jungles



Rejected Book Covers – NSFW

Cranford Lodge Book Cover #1Here is the first choice in book covers for my ghost story Cranford Lodge. The story deals with a tale that was told to me by a dear friend of mine. She had moved into a house and started having assault dreams. The dreams got worse until she found herself waking up on her living room carpet, rug burned and hurting down there (her actual words). When she broke her lease to move out, the landlord admitted the disturbed male tenant before her committed suicide. It remains one of the scariest things anyone has ever told me, and the story is completely true. It’s OK to tell the story in words, but a cover like this is not accepted by Amazon terms of service, so I had to move on.

Cranford Lodge Book Cover #2The next cover would simply be the demon’s face. No graphic depiction of spiritual sexual assault, just a screaming angry vision of pure hell on earth. Luckily, this is the cover that was accepted and is found on Amazon. I like it because it is bold and catches the eye. For a customer looking for a spooky ghost story to read, this should get their attention. Sure I still like choice number one, but what can you do? Being an illustrator I find that I enjoy making the cover as much as telling the story. I always make several so I can choose the best, or at least second best.

Cranford Lodge Book Cover #3This cover was the most conservative of the three, and therefore my last choice. I do like it for several reasons. One, this is a photo of the actual old 1850 Cranford Lodge farmhouse located in Camden, Maine where the story is set. Second, one can almost make out the spirit of Sarah Cranford looming over the house in all her gloom. This cover fits the story well, but I didn’t feel that it grabbed attention quite like number 1 and 2. No matter what anyone says, everyone judges a book by its cover. Which one would you choose?

So check out my ghost story set in Maine titled Cranford Lodge available now as a Kindle download on Amazon.

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One million years ago today

So I’ve been typing my guts out this long harsh winter of 2015. My family and I returned to Maine after living in California for so many years. Been here almost two years now, and one of the reasons I moved back home was to get in touch with a story I’ve wanted to tell my whole life.

It’s my unauthorized autobiography that has been sitting there on a shelf in my mind all this time. No matter what has happened to me over the years I’ve put it into context in this manner: does this make it to the book or not?

I have found my nonexistent book got me through the toughest of times, because I could say to myself, at least it will make a great chapter in that book I’ll write some day. To get me there I have drawn comics, made toys, and used these items to workshop my ideas.

Whether playing with plush Swamp Boggers on the floor with my wee one, or making resin toys of the silly Yupapotamus, it was all a path to the story I want to tell titled, Snotgrass. This epic Maine adventure is over 50 years in the making. I can’t wait until I write it.