Parasite Zapper Video Game

Parasite Zapper Game

So I’ve been busy making a fun educational game for the web site. The Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper is a device described in all of Dr. Clark’s books, along with instructions how to build a zapper. For over 100 years scientists like Nikola Tesla have┬ástudied specific frequencies that kill small invaders like germs, bacteria, parasites… you simply hold two copper handles a few minutes and allow the frequency to do its thing. I’ve used one many times. I think it works like magic, so I love my zapper.

The Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper is old public domain radio technology. Anyone can build or buy a zapper and experiment at home. The only way to know if zapping works for you is to try it. We hope our game exposes this little known secret of the universe to others who will benefit from its knowledge.

The classic arcade shooter has you zapping bugs of all different kinds. If the invaders become too many, you have a red panic button to kill all enemies, but it only works once per game, so use it wisely.

If you bump into the walls it might change the direction of your zapper. Click the little white arrows to direct the zaps at the bugs.

If you have heard the book excerpt enough, click the green speaker icon to silence the reading. Game sounds continue.

Thousands of people use zappers. If your immune system could use a boost now and then, maybe you should read more about the zapper. Check out the Hulda Clark Facebook page or the Hulda Clark Media page for videos and zapper info.

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