About Wiggly Loaf

Wiggly Loaf 2016

I have been an arts and crafts camp counselor for most of my summers since 1984. Working in the woods and along the lakes of Maine during summers have been the best days of my life. I like working in the art room with kids so I can steal all their great ideas. Over time my own daughter became one of the campers, so here we are getting into two generations at camp.

On my way to pre-camp set up each season, I am busy getting the art room ready as my daughter and wife stay home until it’s time for the kids to arrive a week or so after me. This happens to fall on Fathers’ Day, so each summer as I pack up to leave for camp my family have a little Fathers’ Day celebration before I go.

In our kitchen there is a chalk board. I love to cook, but I’m a horrible namer. I like to write my horrible entrees on this chalkboard. My version of Emphysema Lambada is delicious, it just has a horrible name. I don’t go a week without making a big batch of Bodarg-a-larg. The kids love it.

Often, after a meal, I like to doodle on this same chalkboard. I like to make something kooky, so the last thing my daughter sees in the morning on her way to school is something fun and up lifting.

Well, on this fine evening I wanted to draw a new character. I remember it well. I wanted to make the simplest creature I could. Sort of a Yupapotamus mixed with a Swamp Bogger… but simplified until it was only what it needed to be. I started to draw a rectangle with a face, but I gave it four little stumpy legs.

Wiggly Loaf was born on our chalkboard, and we had our Fathers’ Day party and all went off to sleep so I could get up early for that long drive to camp. But you know what? By morning that crazy girl of mine had stayed up late and felted a nifty 3D version of Wiggly Loaf for me to take to camp. It was my Fathers’ Day gift so I wouldn’t be all alone my first week of camp. I now had Wiggly Loaf to keep me company.

Felted Wiggly Loaf

When I got to camp I was so taken with The Loaf I decided to make “Don’t Get Weird” posters and put them up all over camp. In no time Wiggly Loaf was friends with everyone. Soon campers were making Wiggly Loaf comics, plush toys, hand carved stamps, and screening T shirts.

thanks for being my friend

During the winters I make memes, sharing them with friends from camp, and their friends. It doesn’t stop there. Getting Wiggly is for everyone, so I invite you to share, like, follow our social media pages, and post Wiggly Loaf Fan Art using: #wigglyloaf so we can all get Wiggly!

My Books

Books by J.E.Moores

Here is a list of books written and illustrated by J.E.Moores

Flanders Lane – a summer in our little red cabin by Washington Pond, Maine. Video

Malaya and the Sock Monkeys – the sock monkeys have lost their jelly beans!

The Beating of the Child ABC’s – this book is intended to warn the wee ones of all the dangers in the world to avoid.

Harrowing Journey – Dennis the podling sets out on the road to find himself. Video

The Healing Tree – they cut down the healing tree to build a hospital…

Demon’s Talepaperbackkindle – a creation myth to explain why the world is so messed up. Video

I Love My Family – meet Billy-O B. Bo Bo and his wonderful loving family. Yeah, it gets weird. Video

Birdie Builds A Nestpaperbackkindleapple ebook – a bird has to be fierce. Although this looks like a kids book, this is really for folk just taking on a major leadership role.

Saboosa’s Burp – Malaya age 3 told us this story one night to avoid going to sleep. Mom wrote it down, I illustrated it. Video

Narrative Toy Photography – I collect toys so I can take odd photos of them. This book is set to be a free eBook for iPad download for you to enjoy.

GOF – a cute fuzzy guy searching for truth but settles for a glass of water. Many of my resin toys are based on these characters. Podlings and Gompers galore!

Pacifica Art – art ideas and instructions for 1st & 2nd grade kids. This was a project I did with a group of students and at the end we had this book. I have taught arts and crafts since 1984, and these are some of the happy faces I get to see.

The Day Book – calendar journal based on the books by Dr. Hulda Clark. I made this book to help my grandfather during his bout with prostate and lung cancer. He won that battle and was pronounced cancer free living 12 more years into his late 80’s without any recurrence of cancer. Everyone should read about Hulda Clark’s zapper and herbal parasite cleanse. Video

Print! Cut! Fold! Glue! – crazy paper toys to copy, print, cut out, and glue together. Fun stuff for sticky fingers. Video

How To Make Resin Toyspaperbackkindle – step by step guide to mold making and casting resin toys. Video

Cranford Lodge – classic haunted house ghost story set in Maine.

Snotgrasspaperbackkindle – the personal story of my family full of Maine humor, tall tales, mythical beasts, and bouffant hairdos. Video

One million years ago today

So I’ve been typing my guts out this long harsh winter of 2015. My family and I returned to Maine after living in California for so many years. Been here almost two years now, and one of the reasons I moved back home was to get in touch with a story I’ve wanted to tell my whole life.

It’s my unauthorized autobiography that has been sitting there on a shelf in my mind all this time. No matter what has happened to me over the years I’ve put it into context in this manner: does this make it to the book or not?

I have found my nonexistent book got me through the toughest of times, because I could say to myself, at least it will make a great chapter in that book I’ll write some day. To get me there I have drawn comics, made toys, and used these items to workshop my ideas.

Whether playing with plush Swamp Boggers on the floor with my wee one, or making resin toys of the silly Yupapotamus, it was all a path to the story I want to tell titled, Snotgrass. This epic Maine adventure is over 50 years in the making. I can’t wait until I write it.