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During all my years in art school I learned a lot of rules. Color theory, proper primers and gesso for different types of paint. I learned chemistry so I could mix my own ceramic glazes, how to safely run the kilns. Ha! Calligraphy has never ending rules, raising metal chalices by hand on stakes and anvils is like calligraphy, you must always be holding your tool at the same angle be it pen or hammer. I like to grind my own sumi ink, I mastered mold making and ceramic casting, hand cast resin toys, lost wax metal casting, silver soldering, braising. Seriously art school was full of rules that directly apply to the physical world. You could see the rule work for you or against you, right before your eyes.

But following the rules is not what being an artist is all about. You have to learn all the rules so that you are full aware of the loop holes and edges you can take things to. Pushing limits comes from understanding the limits and seeing where you can go one step beyond. Expanding and redefining the limits is what art is all about.

Art is not the object, but the conversation. If people are not talking about it, it’s not art. How do you get them to talk and transform an object into art? You kinda have to hurt their brain. Make ’em think. If your art can haunt their mind and cause questions and wonder, you’re on the right path. Art needs to push buttons and trigger a reaction.

I have discovered that writers should not always write for a wide audience because it can get boring. Instead, if you are having a block, write something you hope no one will ever read because of the ugly truths it reveals. Use your deepest secrets. The more difficult it is to write about, the more you should write about it. Then let the smartest person you trust read it and edit it with their help. Let go of any voice inside you that would try to stop you. Publish it and let everyone read it.

So art seems to go against the grain a bit. There is decorative hobby art, folksy crafts, mediocre art and then there is actual life changing art that blows your mind. You know it when you experience it, and it can be any medium.

For a long time I have made toys at – but I noticed a trend the past few years. Everyone has a smart phone and they really don’t care that much about anything else these days. I must have elf blood coursing through my veins because for some unknown reason I want folk to play with my toys. Since everyone is poking their phone, I thought it would make sense to make a few video games to transform smart phones into JEMTOYs. I figure, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

When I wanted to learn how to create and publish games to iOS and Android I wanted to use my love for art history as inspiration. It’s what I know. The world’s greatest expressions of the human experience are indeed sweet fodder for classic arcade style video games. Players get to saturate into a fantasy world that never existed before. An interactive adventure inside some of the greatest works of art that ever made a mark on history. Each game is fun, exciting, or so spooky you’ll never notice you’re learning about boring old art history. Download your favorites today, just choose a platform below.

Games by J.E.Moores for Android and iOS:

Games by J.E.Moores for Android

Games by J.E.Moores for iOS

Gods, Witches, and Demons

Bosch Detail: Lilith

Garden of Delights
A game inspired by Hieronymus Bosch

Games by J.E.Moores for iOS

Games by J.E.Moores for Android

When you cavort with the likes of Gods, Witches, and Demons, you can get a little worn out. I’m tired. I need a break. I have completed another video game and I’m a wreck. I can see why most games are made by an entire team. To keep everything straight in my mind I need to work 18 hour days for about 4 weeks and then I have a game. If I take too long a break I lose track of so many little loose ends. There’s a lot going on when you are creating an entire universe. The Gods must be weary!

Now is time for me to relax. I wish I had enough energy to celebrate, but the celebration of completing such a huge task shall have to wait. I will sleep for 24 hours and see if I can get this mind to rest. I can still hear all the little repeated sprite sounds inside my head. I am haunted by the minions of Bosch’s Hell.

Bosch Detail: Harp Player

I take a long bath to take my mind off things. It’s like my brain is stuck in work mode. Even though I’m done, I tend to go over every detail and can’t stop the thoughts from coming. This is why I don’t take many breaks, because they are not breaks if I’m obsessing on work. I would be better off getting back to the job at hand and getting it over with. Nothing but completion will give me rest, and not even then. I must wind down first. Must wind down!

Bosch Detail: Pod People

After working 400 hours without much of a break, it takes a couple days to come out of the trance. Rest, good food. The second the game is published and live on iOS and Android my body crashes. All the weight I put on myself hits me all at once. I don’t even feel it until I’m done, then bang, it hits me. Like a ton of bricks.

Bosch Detail - Duck of Doom

When you were a kid, did you ever get sick during school break? Once the body knows it can relax, sometimes it crashes. It takes a big break because you didn’t realize how tired you were, how stressed you were. Now that the responsibility is over, your body knows it has to grab this chance at rest before you get started on the next impossible task.

Thinking and learning are tiring. When we are learning the most, we are growing the most, but it also has its stress factor. The more we push ourselves the better we have to treat our body. Give it rest, healthy food, water. Learning how to make video games has been an amazing journey, but I’m learning so much I get really tired. I spend hours reading forums and watching youtube tutorials so I can figure out certain game mechanics along the way. Each time I have an idea of what I want a game to do, I have to figure out a way for it to do it.

Bosch Detail - Garden of Delights

I’ve been making games on a theme of magic. Egyptian Gods, Hindu Gods, Witches, Monsters, Demons… I love the fantastical imagery of ancient art. I love the images humans created before movies and TV. When demons and monsters came from nightmares and imagination. I find that old stuff so spooky. It’s like they had first hand knowledge from seeing a demon themselves. The older the art is, the more convincing it seems to me.

No matter how far back you go in time every culture has Gods, Witches, Ghosts, Demons, Elves, Fairies, and other Magical Little People. How can such universal characters not have some truth to them? They must be real. There could be no other explanation for these types to be represented by every culture on earth. By consensus alone, they all must be real. After all, isn’t truth as defined by consensus what the Common Core Curriculum teaches our kids these days? Ahhh there goes my over worked brain again. I really do need a rest.

Hey, even I don’t know what the point of this blog entry is. I made a game inspired by Hieronymus Bosch Garden of Delights. It’s awesome. I hope you like it too. I’m really tired so I’m gonna take a nap now. While I rest, please enjoy one of the games I’ve made. I have honestly put my all into making every one of them. These games beat me silly… but in a good way. Please leave me a game review to help me gain momentum. Tell a friend. I’m all alone in here. Thank you. Check it out:

Games by J.E.Moores for Android and iOS:

Games by J.E.Moores for Android

Games by J.E.Moores for iOS