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Mr. Bombface
is an end of the world simulation game that is guaranteed to be more fun than the actual end of the world. The best part is you get to play the hero of the story and save us all. News@9 star reporter Tiffany Meadows will guide you through the event with a series of news casts. The story so far: Terrorists are attacking the major cities of the world and it’s up to you to defend and save our planet by playing all the mini games below:

Front Line Defense
Choose the city under attack nearest you and guide your missile launcher left and right doing your best to take out all the falling bombs. Sure the bombs might remind you of cute little red and green turnips, but each bomb that gets past you kills 3000 innocent civilians! Shoot at Mr. Bombface when you have time, but be sure to take out the falling turnips at all cost. You will notice if you take your missile launcher all the way to the left and right side, a strip of barbed wire will go up helping you defend your turf. I know it’s hectic and a lot of turnips are dropping, but do your best to build the barbed wire so you have more protection while defending the border!
Radar Defense
You will see Mr. Bombface on the radar screen. Tap when the dial reaches Mr. Bombface. Each time you tap, the dial will change direction. Tap each time the dial touches Mr. Bombface. If you time it perfect, you get a BONUS reward. As you get better, it gets faster. Go for it!
Bomb Squad
There’s a ticking time bomb. Do you know how to disarm a bomb? There are three wires to clip. Two will blow up, one will save us all. Which wire will you tap: red, black, or blue? Only one way to find out. Carefully tap on a wire and hope for the best.
Ransom Hostages
At some point hostages must be ransomed at $1000 to continue game play. This can be used in your game strategy. This game has two score types 1: Lives Saved and 2: Reward $. Top score is based on how many lives you save. Leader Boards open every time you earn $5000 reward. TIP: Spend your money on releasing hostages so you can play longer. This way you save more lives. Get top score, post to Leader Board. It’s a crazy world and only YOU have the power to save it!
Leader Boards
To open Leader Boards, save as many lives as you can before you accumulate $5000 in reward payments. The top Leader Board score goes to the hero who saves the most lives. Reset game and play again for a better top score until you rule the Leader Board as the ALL TIME HERO OF THE WORLD!
This free to play end of the world game was created using: Buildbox
Tiffany Meadows News Reporter image:
Tiffany Meadows animated using: CrazyTalk Animator
Tiffany Meadows’ voice generated by:
Audio edited using: Audacity Sound Editor
Mr. Bombface game assets made with: Inkscape
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Download Mr. Bombface for Windows PC

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