Mow Mow

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It’s a beautiful summer day and it’s time to mow the lawn…

For each patch of grass that Mow Mow cuts, Mow Mow gets 3 seconds to collect gold coins. Without grass the coins kill him and Mow Mow dies. It is your mission to get Mow Mow through all the obstacles while mowing enough grass to survive. Use strategy to power up with grass, and blast on through the challenge! Wacky platform game with lots of strange arcade surprises.

When Mow Mow is mowing grass you will see Mow Mow’s heart grow strong. Once that little heart goes away you must avoid coins and other obstacles until you mow another patch of grass. Once you have strengthened Mow Mow’s heart, collect the coins and blast through obstacles. You must be fast to constantly get to another patch of grass to keep Mow Mow’s heart strong!

Each level has a different physics based dilemma to challenge Mow Mow. The challenges are slightly different each time you play.

Goal: Collect the most coins, unlock new lawn tools, hire yard help, and post your top score on leader boards.

Games by J.E.Moores for iOS
Games by J.E.Moores for Android

To play Mow Mow: hold phone horizontal, use left thumb to swipe left/right direction, and tap right thumb when you want Mow Mow to hop. Mow the lawn and then collect coins. Over and over.

Tips and Tricks: Grass gives Mow Mow 3 seconds of “Heart Power”.

You need Heart Power to:
Collect gold coins.
Mow over the falling lawn darts.
Jump into the rain cloud turning it into a sunny day.
Tag the kite and swing set.

You do not need Heart Power to tag the cans of Gas. Gas makes you go faster.

The back story of Mow Mow

Mow Mow may be Wiggly Loaf’s lovable lawnmower, but remember kids, he’s still a lawnmower. Lawnmowers are loud and obnoxious. Lawnmowers are dangerous. Imagine a deadly spinning blade combined with a tank of explosive gasoline, and you have yourself a lawnmower. Regardless of all this, Wiggly Loaf loves Mow Mow and provides him plenty of Mow Mow’s favorite food. What is Mow Mow’s favorite food you wonder? Grass of course!!! Mow Mow also enjoys a large can of gasoline now and then. It gives him a giant boost.

If you are wondering who (or what) Wiggly Loaf is, well, we need to go back a bit to the beginning. The best way to get to know Wiggly Loaf is to go see him yourself. Wiggly Loaf has a game of his own. Mow Mow is a spin-off of that game. Wiggly Loaf is where the story begins. Click the Wiggly Loaf link above and check it out! Thanks for playing and reviewing indie games!!!

Games by J.E.Moores for iOS
Games by J.E.Moores for Android

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