The Garden of Wiggly Delights

The Garden of Wiggly Delights

Hieronymus Bosch gets Wiggly. The Garden of Wiggly Delights is available as a Framed Poster Print or Tee Shirt.

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My mailbox is back.

My mailbox is back

After months of picking up our mail at the local post office, I am glad to report that Winter 2015 is coming to an end.


NEOBLAST – Shoot the Discs! – Are you the next Master Neoblaster? You are controlling a Neoblast Drone and it’s your job to blast all

Malaya, Jay, Snotgrass

Snotgrass in Pen Bay Pilot

Kay Stephens was kind enough to photograph and interview Malaya and I now that we’re conducting book readings of Snotgrass. Check out the Pen Bay