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Mitchell Vaillant and I have been best buddies since we met in Baltimore MD attending art school from 1982-86. Go MICA. We started making music together as part of a poetry class we were in.

Fourty years later I’m back home in the Maine woods, and Mitch is in NYC. Last I checked NY has been hit really hard by Covid 19, and I know Mitchell is suffering because they’ve closed all the bars. I hope he is okay.

Luckily, he sent me an email with a new song he’s recorded, so he must be alive and kicking. A song for fall. When I gave it a listen I got all kinds of weird images of spirits flowing, blowing, merging, and surging, so I started making this game. It’s not done yet, but here’s a video so you can feel the weird vibe it all has.

Here is a test game of what we have so far for Windows PC. The ads don’t work yet, so it’s ad free. Thanks for checking out Spirito. Stay safe.

Spirito for Windows PC