Fix Audio for Windows Games

I was setting up a new laptop and I wanted to play a few Windows games for PC computers, but only the background music would play in the game, not the sound effects. I did a little research and a Windows based computer needs a thing called OpenAL which is a type of 3D audio for video games.


If you are playing a PC game on your Windows machine and you feel that the audio is acting buggy and not playing all the sound effects you know should be there, be sure to download OpenAL (Windows Installer), right click (extract all) to unzip the file and install it on your computer.

That’s it. Now your Windows PC will play the sound effects and audio in your video games for the full experience you deserve. I was making games using Buildbox, and I was freaked out when the sound effects did not play correctly in my Windows EXE games. I thought I had programmed something wrong. All it took was OpenAL to fix the problem. Hope it works for you too. Happy gaming!

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