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A Gomper is a big ugly kaiju monster that loves to eat hamburgers. They usually have wings, but some have tentacles. The problem is, when the hamburgers run out, Gompers will eat the cute little Podlings. Play 5 different mini games to protect the wee tiny Podlings from the big evil sinister Gompers.

Enter Mr. Handy’s elevator room and search for ways into all the various games. You will find mini games like 10 vs 10, Burgerball, and 10 vs 100. If you can find the garage, you can take a ride in Mr. Handy’s Burgermobile while listening to original music by Tigerwall Flip, Rain Station, Strip Karaoke, and Jay E Moores on the car radio. There is also a crazy fast action platformer game called The Great Burger Battle, for full on Gomper madness.

It’s actually hard to describe and explain this game, but it’s a blast to play. You’ll have to give it a go just to see how much fun it is to kick a hamburger at a Gomper.

How to play Gomper:
Hold the phone horizontally.
Use left thumb to swipe left or right. Tap right thumb to jump.
Kick hamburgers at Gompers so they will go away.
If you rescue a Podling, their sparkly magic will make you temporarily indestructible!

Indestructible is good.

The mini games are great practice for learning all the hamburger kicking moves, and how to harness Podling power. Then you can go into the battle level well practiced and ready for action. The game offers addictive fast paced mini games, and a full saturation battle mode, for short or extended play. Playing Gomper will fit into any amount of spare time you feel like gaming, until Gomper has completely worn you down and destroyed you. Check it out:

10 vs 10 – minigame – Protect 10 Pods. Use Podling magic to fight off the 10 Gompers.
Burgerball – minigame – Get 10 Hamburgers in the basket before time is up.
10 vs 100 – minigame – Protect 10 Pods. Kick hamburgers to defeat 100 Gompers.
Burgermobile – side scrolling car racer – The car bounces hamburgers up at the Gompers making this an insane ride.
The Great Burger Battle – fierce platformer battle – Run to the right, don’t get distracted, stay alive, kick hamburgers, use Podling power to protect you, keep moving!


Games by J.E.Moores for iOS
Google Play for Android

Gomper.exe for Windows PC


My gratitude goes out to the fellas from Tigerwall Flip ~ Carlos Rosello, Pedro Marquez, David Fiumano, and Mitchell Vaillant, for Maria Is A Drag Racer, from the album: Doomsday.

Mark Harvey and I include, Twilight Sky, from the Rain Station album, Dark Ride.

Those crazy Bay Area kids, Strip Karaoke bring us, Bus Stop To Hell.

And I slipped a song I recorded in there called, Rock And Roll Radio Station, from the album, I Am Alive, by me, Jay E Moores.

Why Gomper?

I have been making toys, puppets, and board games my whole life, and now I’m old. For me, mobile games are just an extension of making things to play with. I noticed everyone had a phone in their hand, so I thought it made sense to meet them half way and turn their phones into fun game experiences. Along the way I have created several characters, and Gompers are my kaiju monster.

When I was a kid in middle school my buddy Stu Bonney and I would fold a bunch of 8.5 X 11″ paper into a comic book and staple it down the middle. We would pass the blank book around to friends until everyone had contributed a comic, drawing, crossword puzzle… anything. Once every page was full, we passed it around so we could all read it. After a while, we had a huge collection of handmade one of a kind comics.

Gof, the Gompers, and Mr. Handy, all came from my 12 year old mind so long ago, they seem real to me. Seriously, I’m talking 1976 or so is when I started drawing these characters. I came across an old Gof comic I had made back in my youth. I thought it would make a nifty game. Gompers are a great foe, and as ridiculous as Mr. Handy’s idea seems (of feeding the very hangry Gompers hamburgers so they will go away) so far it has worked, but his plan can only work if the hamburgers don’t run out!

I have created so much Gomper art over the years. I have a Gomper as my JEMTOY logo for my toy shop. I have Gomper tee shirts, resin toys, 3D anaglyph comics, paper toys, and plush. Here is a Gomper paper toy for you to print, cut fold and glue.

Pukin Gomper Paper Toy Pattern
Gomper Plush Pillow

… and now this Gomper mobile game. I’ve clearly lost my mind. You can too. Gomper is available to download at: Google Play, the iOS App Store and for Windows PC.

Now I’m hungry. Time for a hamburger.

Games by J.E.Moores for iOS
Google Play for Android

Gomper.exe for Windows PC

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