It’s OK to fail, just don’t quit


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A Murder Of Crows

A Murder Of Crows

Hello good agent, Boss Crow here. This is my very first Shoot ‘Em Up style game. Instead of being fast and furious, this game is

Mobile Games by J.E.Moores

Breaking The Rules

Indie Video Games by J.E.Moores for Android and iOS: During all my years in art school I learned a lot of rules. Color theory, proper primers

Side Hill Gouger

Side Hill Gouger

Jay and Malaya read the Side Hill Gouger chapter from the book, Snotgrass at Gibbs Library in Washington, Maine.

Mr. Bombface

Download Mr. Bombface for Windows PC Mr. Bombface by J.E.Moores Mr. Bombfaceis an end of the world simulation game that is guaranteed to be more