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June 11, 2015 - Camden Herald

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Old Friends at Gibbs Library

I grew up in Washington, Maine. My book Snotgrass is a memoir of my childhood in the magical village of WASH ME. Launching the book in

Vote for Wiggly Loaf

Vote for Wiggly Loaf

Wiggly Loaf and I created a bunch of new characters to unlock and play in the Wiggly Loaf game. The Wiggly Loaf game is a

Camp Wiggly

Camp Wiggly

Camp Wiggly by JEMoores Get ready for some crazy summer time action at Camp Wiggly. All your friends will be there to enjoy Land Sports,

Kindle Book Cover Template

Kindle Template

When I wanted to write books for Kindle I found a great Open Office novel template created by Bill Myers. I have since updated Bill’s Kindle template