It’s Snowy Chloe

This game is in vertical format for playing on a phone. If you play this HTML5 game on a desk top monitor, minimize and adjust the window to a vertical phone screen so you can see the entire image. Here’s an experimental prototype. I had a few new geeky things I wanted to try out. This game was made using the new StoryGames A.I. generator just released for Buildbox Classic.

Because I am working with my buddy Mitchell Vaillant who is a brilliant cave man, I needed to somehow get a prototype that would play on his browser as HTML5. Mitch is working on a few stories about kids getting dressed for various forms of weather conditions. I put his simple premise into Buildbox. I used the game that Buildbox generated, and I purchased some BuildBux and created a few character sprites I could add to the backgrounds and get everything looking great.

Game is then screen capped into a video slide show, video exported, and hand coded into the HTML5 WordPress H5P game above. I don’t have a lot of experience with H5P, so I had to redo my video several times to make it small enough to work. Even with many hours wasted editing my video over, this entire project from concept to finished prototype took only 16 hours. The artwork generated by the Buildbox A.I. is stunning. The basic framework of the game was easy to edit and customize. All that in one day. So much potential I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Mitchell Vaillant: concept and story

J.E.Moores: A.I. gen & game dev

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