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How did you get into game dev?

I got into making mobile games because I often animate static things in my imagination. I grew up loving cartoons, so I would see a painting or photo and imagine movement. In my mind I would enter into the narrative and complete the action. It’s like a little movie, or animated GIF that loops over and over in my head. I really begin to see it. I guess I had an urge to bring these characters I loved to life. Especially the mythical and fantasy creatures. I like the weird stuff. I want to set it loose just to see what it does.

Games by JEMoores inspired by Ancient Art

Egyptian mobile game
Papyrus Underworld (Egyptian Hieroglyphs X JEMoores)
Adventure Garuda (Hindu Temple Art X JEMoores)
Garden of Delights (Hieronymus Bosch X JEMoores)
Affair Des Poisons (16th Century Block Prints of Witches and Demons X JEMoores)
Ningyo (Katsushika Hokusai X JEMoores)

Most of the art I’m into is either ancient, or old enough to be in the public domain. I do love the work of many living artists, but I have only just begun collaborating with artists and musicians. I first wanted a solid portfolio of art games, so I would have something to show when I propose making a game with an artist. I really want the game to feel right to the artist, so it feels like their art to them. Sometimes their ideas throw me for a loop. Collaboration is a great way to get fresh ideas.

Working with others is a huge amount of energy for me. It can take a year or more of on line collaboration to make a game with someone else, or a team. Being a solo indie dev guy, when I work on games using ancient art or my art, I tend to work faster. Because I have imagined things like Egyptian hieroglyphics as a classic platformer game for a long time, I just do it. No meetings required. When I work with an artist, many of the ideas come from them, and as the developer I try to make it happen in the game. Either way, I have made use of all the inspiration I get by developing video games using my favorite art.

Games by JEMoores made with Artist Collaboration

Hedgehog Balloon Race
Hedgehog Balloon Race (Nicola Isgrow X JEMoores)
Alien Monster Blast
Alien Monster Blast (Michael Remillard X JEMoores)
Sucklord Mobile Game
Sucklord (THE Super Sucklord X JEMoores)
Tiger Bomb (Tiger Bomb X JEMoores)

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