Hello good agent, Boss Crow here.

This is my very first Shoot ‘Em Up style game. Instead of being fast and furious, this game is slow and suspenseful with tons of secret passages and tunnels to discover and explore. Fight off the enemy Red and Blue Crows. Collect Top Secret Files and trade them in at headquarters for nifty new guns and other wacky weapons of mass destruction. Find and rescue the Hostages. When you find and rescue all the hostages, you get a big reward, and if you’re a lucky crow agent, the hostage may give you a great big kiss as a thank you.

Google Play for Android

To play using a mobile device, hold the game horizontally.

To play on Windows PC use arrow keys for left, right, up to jump, and down to shoot.

This game is inspired by the crows who like to dig around in the compost pile out back of my house. We love them. Did you know a group of crows is called a Murder? It’s the collective noun for a group of crows.

To me, a murder of crows sounds like a video game about super spies such as, 007 James Bond, or Mulder from the X Files. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Kolchak The Night Stalker which was about a news reporter that did tabloid stories on the supernatural and other weird happenings. I love how spooky, foggy, and atmospheric these shows were. I wanted this game to have that slow creeping around looking for trouble feeling. Skeletons, monsters, secret passageways, enemy spies, mysterious brief cases, and exploding bombs are all waiting to surprise you.

Be strategic. Destroy enemies by shooting at bombs that will blow them up all at once. Don’t touch the bombs, or they may kill you! Do a good job and Boss Crow will reward you with a big bonus once you get back to headquarters alive.

Google Play for Android

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