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Here is the long awaited sequel to Adventure Frankenstein. I proudly present to you: Ape Adventure! I happen to be inspired by everything APE. From the classic King Kong movies to Nintendo’s Donkey Kong, I love apes in all types of media. When I was a 70’s kid I was obsessed with Planet of the Apes movies and toys. I collected the action figures, and pretty much had ’em all. Land of the Lost was also a huge favorite of mine, although Cha-Ka the Pakuni wasn’t really an ape, he was close enough for me. Toss in a few dinosaurs, snakes, and mysterious monoliths, and everything seems just right for an Ape Adventure!

Ape Adventure is an action game for those who enjoy smashing everything as you explore. The more you explore, the more surprises you will uncover. Pterodactyls and biplanes are flying enemies. Defend yourself by kicking skulls up at them. Jumping gives your fist fight power to defeat enemies too.

Find and rescue your favorite girl. Collect fruit and trade it for upgrades so you can play as other apes. Collect enough fruit to unlock a Sasquatch, or Yeti. Defeat 50 enemies and receive a 250 fruit bonus! Ride the Dinos and they will destroy enemies on contact. Even their Dino skeleton will destroy enemies. The Dinos will protect you with their life, but they can also run you over when they get scared and stampede! For me, riding Dinos is one of the most hilarious and chaotic parts of this game.

Ape Adventure Levels:
  • Tutorial: Learn how to play Ape Adventure with these basic Ape Lessons and you will be a smart ape.
  • 1931 Island: Defeat 50 enemies for 250 bonus fruit. Look for the Golden Statue to enter 1972 level.
  • 1972 City: Return the Golden Statue to the Temple for 50 bonus fruit. Defeat 50 enemies for 250 bonus fruit. Look for the Space Ship to enter 2012 level.
  • 2012 Space: Battle and defeat 100 monoliths for 250 bonus fruit.
  • Captured: Your ape is in chains and you must break free, rescue the girl, and escape.

To play Ape Adventure on a mobile device hold the game screen horizontally. Use your left thumb to swipe so your ape moves left and right. Tap your right thumb to make your ape jump. The ape will blast out a powerful beam of energy every time you jump. Use the blast to fight enemies. If your ape ever gets stuck or trampled by Dinos, tap the fruit score in the top left corner to return to the main menu.

To play Ape Adventure on Windows PC use the left, right, and up arrow keys on your keyboard.

Ape Adventure has a lot of physics objects that act as obstacles and barriers. Things like buildings, wooden logs, leaves, and Dinos can either help you or hinder you as you try to survive each level. How you use objects to your benefit in order to avoid any problem they may cause is all part of the gameplay. Something that was just helping you, could suddenly trap you, or get you in trouble. It’s not easy being an ape.

Google Play for Android

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