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Andy’s Lard Quest

Andy’s Lard Quest by JEMoores Andy’s Lard Quest Rules The game opens to a menu of heads you can unlock by collecting chickens. The price

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Adventure Garuda

I am awed and inspired by the fierceness of the Hindu Gods. The ancient temple paintings and posters are infinitely detailed and meditative. I get

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flying witch

Affaire Des Poisons

Affaire Des Poisons by JEMoores Many of our fears of witchcraft come from the series of 1677-1682 investigations known as the Affair Des Poisons which focused on two notorious French

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Egyptian mobile game

Papyrus Underworld

I have always loved the graphic design and craftsmanship of Egyptian hieroglyphs and hand painted papyrus. Because hieroglyphics are so linear, they already look like a

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Wiggly Loaf

About Wiggly Loaf

Play the Wiggly Loaf game on iOS, Google Play, or Windows Wiggly Loaf by JEMoores I have been an arts and crafts camp counselor for

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